Barber shop in Budapest

The word “barber” originates from the Latin “barba”, which means beard. Barbers were more engaged in tooth extraction and performing surgeries than cutting hair. They also had political influence. Barber industry was transformed by razors, which were much safer than barber knives. Moreover, they could be used without professional experience at home. Why should you choose a barber anyway?

More and more people visit barbers instead of hairdressers

Equality for genders in all areas, fighting against discrimination based on gender have been important topics during the past decades. Both men and women need hairdressers, but only men need barbers. We fully agree with this and at the same time we understand the need for spaces for men only. Barber shops are such places, and beard fashion brings along the growing need for services only barbers can offer.

We tend to think of barbers with a kind of nostalgia: the gentlemen go in for a shave, discuss their manly topics, then put their hats on and leave. Since only men dealt with politics back then, their discussion mostly meant making decisions on community affairs. We can only guess how many well-known events we can find in history books started at the barbers.

The barber had a community-forming role

We do not necessarily have to think about grandiose events when we talk about the community-forming role of barbers. Ancient Roman barbers played a major role in men’s lives: visiting a barber was a part of men’s everyday life and boys’ first shave was an integral part of becoming a man. At that time, surgeries were performed in barber shops also (medication was not regarded as a serious science yet), so barbers were highly respected in communities.

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