Barber shop through women’s eyes

We asked the ladies, girls and girlfriends who came to visit us about their opinion about the barber shop. We wanted to know how important a man’s well-groomed appearance is for his girlfriend or wife. Do they prefer their boyfriend or husband to visit a barber or do these rituals at home?

“This is the first time I’m here and I really like it. David’s college visits the shop on a regular basis and he always looks so good. Since he has no one to cut his hair in the back, he decided to go to a barber shop. He started to like it and has a really positive opinion about it, so we decided to try it too. I really like it, it’s like a cool men’s club, not a barber shop. I think it’s important for a man to care for himself and it means more than taking showers. I like men with a cool hairstyle, shave and soft face. Shaving is better at the barber shop than at home.”


“I think it’s important for a guy to care for himself, to have a nice hairstyle and to be well-groomed. I like his beard as well, especially when it’s not prickly and has a good smell. I love that masculine scent. We are going to a party now, I was at the hairdresser this morning but we also managed to get an appointment for him here at the barber shop. I really like this place, these leather armchairs and barber stuff give me an American feeling. These guys are skilled and cool. If women were welcome for a haircut here, I would come too. No, I was just kidding.”


“My husband could take his turn immediately, I’m waiting now and then we will go home. I really like this barber shop, it’s trendy, masculine and special. There are not many barber shops in Budapest that are as nice as this one. Next time we will bring our son along, but he might yet be too small for these chairs. It’s nice to see my husband feeling good and everything. This is good for me too. He got his first really cool short hairstyle here, he had his hair shaved off on the bottom of his head.”


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