A Barber tip for enriching a patchy beard

Every man decides to grow a beard at least once in his life. As it is said to be the last step in becoming a man, many of them hope that they can grow a strong and thick beard in a short time. Then they look into the mirror and notice that the fibers do not grow evenly, but the beard is thick in some places and nearly missing in other places instead.

Some reasons why the beard may be patchy

The most common reason is heredity. If you cannot grow your facial hair evenly and the reason is genetics, there is still a solution. Patchy beard can be fixed in some cases, as there are certain products that can influence beard growth, quality and thickness. Growing a good looking, thick beard takes time, so do not give up early and use beard oil from the beginning. It may never be as thick as it is in the pictures, but it still worth doing everything possible. But there may be some other reasons for patchy beard:

According to our barbers, these are the main reasons:

  • Stressful life – It may seem strange, but stress, unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of exercise are all determining factors. Live a healthier life, eat vitamin-rich food, which will help the normal production of hormones and therefore beard growth.

  • Lack of sexual life – well, regular fun can also raise the level of male hormones, which also helps bear growth. Gentlemen, do we have to say it again?

  • Skin problems, scars – patchy beard and facial skin problems will not change immediately, but you have to keep pores clean while you are patiently growing your beard. Acne scars often result in hair loss and spots.

What else can you do? Medium beard is a good choice.

Uneven beard is not so detectible if it is medium. This is probably not what you really wish for, but it will give you strong features. Use beard comb and beard brush to cover patches.

Use premium barber products to fix patchy beard.

If you are highly determined, buy a beard care set, which contains a bottle of beard shampoo, a bottle of beard oil and some beard balm, which will nourish not only your beard but also your facial skin. Needless to say, put your razor away if you wish to grow your beard. You will need a high quality beard trimmer and sharp scissors instead. They will be perfect for cutting the edges of your beard and they will not cause fractures. In order to see where you have patches, keep growing your beard at least for a month. During this time you can already start caring for your skin under your beard, as this procedure will thicken your beard and prevent itching and pitting. Use moisturizing face cream, beard oil, beard balm and beard brush.

Make an appointment to get the perfect style and be proud and confident not only among ladies, but also in your work.

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