A tip for growing your beard

Have you decided to solve your style with a hard beard because your genetics allow it? Congratulation! Let’s take a few basic steps to help you maximize the masculine effect! It never hurts to blend your photo first with Dan Bilzerian, as with the dubious, shaggy, shaggy figure around the mixed shop who always mumbles himself.

Whether you are going to give a presentation to the management, repair the boiler or buy soy milk, your beard should be the most important part of your appearance. In a barber shop we can take care of you up from your neck, which means clothing is not our speciality, but there are a few things about it that we are quite sure if.

A loosely unbuttoned, but well-tailored shirt, perfect size pants with upturned legs, a jacket on the shoulder and a beard reaching the Adam’s apple, shaved by the barber, are not the same as an elongated shirt with our high school logo on it, a pair of jeans with downtrodden legs and a gross hair mop on the face. Rakishness exists, frugal elegance does not.

A man cannot be blowzy, especially if he has a beard. A lot of people cannot make a difference between blowziness and rakishness, but the two are completely different. A blowzy person does not care what others think about his beard, so he lets it grow without taking care of it, while the rakish person pretends that he does not care about what others think, but he actually takes good care of his beard.

Caring for the beard has a key role in a well-groomed look: it does matter whether your beard is just growing by itself or you take care of it. All barber saloons agree that even the most brushy beard needs neat edges, otherwise it is only hair on the neck, not a beard. It also matters how long it is on the sides and how round (or square) on the bottom. If you are uncertain, trust your barber! If you choose the wrong length or the edges are not perfect, you will end up having a round head, the edge of your chin will disappear, there will be no good effect. A bad haircut can ruin your style too. A professional men’s hairdresser always knows how to match hair and beard.

Well-groomed men visit their hairdressers and barbers to receive hair and beard care, because they know that their beard needs better care than some cut in front of the mirror at home. Fortunately, there are more and more barber saloons in downtown Budapest, but you will get the real barber shop feeling at our shop. Our guests choose us not just for a haircut, they wish to visit a barber.

Come visit our barber shop on the boulevard, get a beer or coffee while you are waiting, and you will see the difference!