What is beard oil good for and how can you use it?

Well-groomed beard looks good. Beard oil moisturizes the man’s skin, softens and nourishes the beard, reduces annoying itching and reddening that is associated with beard growth. Beard oil is also good for styling your beard. It makes your beard smooth and keeps it in a good shape.

Growing a beard is not enough for the perfect look, you also have to care for it every day, so it is worth to buy barber tools and care products.

One of the basic accessories of beard care is beard oil

Do you care for your hair? You visit your barber regularly, you have your haircut, you use hair caring products to be taught and trim. Your beard also deserves the same attention. If you have thin hair, you will probably have thin facial hair as well. If you would like to grow your beard, you have to care for it from the beginning. Besides the beard shampoo, the beard oil is the best caring product.

Proper use of beard oil.

Now we will show you the correct use of beard oil step by step, so that your beard could feel and smell nice.

First step: when to use beard oil?

The best thing you can do is use it after taking a bath. When you step out of the shower, your skin is soft and your beard is the cleanest. Wipe most of the water off your beard and apply the beard oil. If there are still water drops on it, dry it carefully with a towel.

You can also apply beard oil on dry beard, it takes a few minutes for the oil to be completely absorbed. We have a variety of beard oils:

What is the ideal quantity?

You can find guides to determine it, but if your barber is doing your beard care, he can tell you exactly how much you have to apply. It is best to start with a few drops only, which you can measure with the pipette. If you apply too much, it will make your beard look greasy. You can also read the instructions on the bottle or box, but it is best to experience how much you need to feel good.

How often should you use beard oil?

It can be different for everyone. Beard care depends on various factors, such as climate, the length or the weight of the beard. If you live in a humid environment, it may be sufficient to apply beard oil once in a few days. It will be pleasant and refreshing.

If you live in a dry climate, you may need to apply it daily. In winter, the air is much drier in a heated room, which also means you have to use beard oil more often so that your beard could be hydrated.

Rub it well

Beard care will be successful only if you use beard oil from the beginning. Even when your beard is only 1 or 2 centimeters long. Beard oil also reduces itching. Similarly to your hair, your beard can grow well only if the stems are cared for. Put a few drops of oil in your hand, spread it evenly and rub it into your skin. After that (if you have a longer beard), apply it on the full length of the beard. If you have a longer beard, apply it from two directions, up from your neck and from center to the sides. Use a beard comb to spread it and style your beard. You can apply a bit of oil on your mustache also.

Your barber will explain

If you get confused with the amount of information you can find online about beard caring, please contact us. We are sure you can find the right barber who will answer all your questions, and you will also find the best beard oils and tools here.