American Crew – known in more than 60 countries since 1994.

It is one of the most renowned American brands of the barber industry. It was built especially for men’s hairdressers, barbers and stylists. American Crew shampoos, hair care and shaving products got to be well known outside of the saloon walls very quickly, as sophisticated gentlemen required their caring every day. In 1994, a stylist named David Raccuglia already knew that in the future many men would pay at least as much attention to their appearance as anyone else. He also knew that this did not mean the loss of masculinity, but the start of a new age. Today American Crew is one of the world’s leading professional men’s brands. Men around the world are looking for the best and newest cosmetics for hair, body, shaving and styling.

American Crew Fiber Wax

It is a milestone in men’s skin care, as well as a leading brand specifically designed for men and built by professional stylists. Its success is based on innovations and continuous monitoring of the latest styles. Professional hairdressers and celebrities love American Crew and they are the ones who form men’s fashion. The brand keeps in mind that it is providing men and stylists the opportunity to create a stylish, masculine effect every day.

A rosiny product giving a strong and flexible hold with matt effect. Recommended for hair between 2 and 7 centimeters.

How to use:

Use on wet or dry hair by rubbing a small amount between your palms, spreading it on your hair and styling it.

American Crew products:

6 990 Ft [ nettó 5 504 Ft ]
Kosárba rakom


Lanolin: softener and wetting agent for unrivaled hold.

Cetyl Palmitate: Smoothing Softener.

Ceteareth-20: Conditioner and Emulsifier.

Beeswax: Does not dry hair and keeps strength.